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Original hand-painted fine art for sale.
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About Artist

“Art is not always code for a simple message. Sometimes it's 'just' art - you don't need to interpret or translate it, just let it make you feel differently than before.”

                              - Dave Coon

About the Artist

The Process:

My art expresses contrasting bright colors and shapes in contemporary geometric designs.  My art is unique with the materials and colors used, creating differing views based on your perspective and lighting. 


I enjoy creating art that is unique and original.  My motivation is to create simplistic designs that insist attention in any environment.  I prefer my art to be geometric and deliberate, with careful consideration in placement of individual items.  My inspiration comes from my environment, experiences, and imagination.  I try to create a different feel and design with each new piece.  


The tools that I use are mixed media; clear acrylic pieces, acrylic paint, glass, and epoxy resin.


Born in rural Pennsylvania and now living in Fort Lauderdale, Dave's passion for art began later in life.  Graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, he began his professional career in the field of software development, technology, and commercial real estate ownership/management.  It was this experience and structure that provided him with the discipline necessary to create his artwork.  


Because his work is so unique, without visual aids, it is difficult to describe to people what type of art he creates.   The most accurate and simplistic description of his work is “3D CubeArt”.   Much of his contemporary artwork ideas and contrasting bright colors are influenced by Miami’s Art Deco District.    

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